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The Lake Fork Community Foundation is dedicated to the memory of
those people who have contributed unselfishly in the past to the
improvements of Hinsdale County with the hope that the formation and
development of this foundation will provide the incentive and entity for
persons of all means to participate in the continuing support and
improvement of the Lake Fork Valley.


The purposes for which this corporation is to be formed are to operate
exclusively for such charitable, scientific, and educational purposes as will
qualify it as an exempt organization as is described in Section 501 (c) 3,
and exempt from taxation under Section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue
code, to wit:

1.  To promote and support the citizens of that portion of Hinsdale County
located along the valley of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River.  The
determination to promote and support shall be made by the Board of
Directors of the corporation and may include, but not be limited to, the
following purposes:

  1. For the support of the youth of the area, including but not
    limited to educational assistance, recreational facilities, etc.
  2. For providing support for public recreation and the arts.
  3. For assisting public, educational, medical, charitable, or
    benevolent institutions, whether supported wholly or in part
    by private donations or by public funds, and the public
    schools of the area.
  4. For promoting scientific research for the advancement of
    human knowledge and the alleviation of human suffering or
    the suffering of animals.
  5. For the care of the sick, aged, and helpless.
  6. For the care of needy men, women, and children.
  7. For beautification of the area.
  8. For the care and protection of animals.
  9. For any other lawful activity permitted by the Colorado
    statutes under which the corporation is established which, in
    the opinion of the Board of Directors, will promote or support
    the citizens of the area, either directly or indirectly.

2.  To receive, maintain, and administer a fund or funds applying the
income and principal thereof for the purposes of this corporation.

3.   In administering the corporate funds to accomplish the purposes of the
corporation it shall be the policy, but not a mandate, of the foundation
to expend funds on a matching basis in order to obtain maximum use
of said funds and to avoid undue dependency on the foundation by
recipients of said funds.

4.   To provide an entity for the furtherance of the purposes of the